It’s Time To Do The Hard Stuff To Get Where You Want To Be

Lets Do The Hard Stuff, To Get You Where You Want To Be

Your Consultant

Jimmy Flores

Over the past 10 years I have been both employee and entrepreneur. I know the struggle and I have seen the success. I have helped startups get more customers as a marketing and growth director. And I have also run my own online and offline businesses. And today I still do both, working as the Chief Growth Officer for (a 500 Startups company), growing my own online fashion school and now supporting others through my personal coaching.


Idea People

You have a million ideas and never see much progress with any single one.


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Knowledge workers
  • Creatives

Coaching Goals


  • Defining your options
  • Establishing goals and objectives
  • Project management skills

Technical People

You know how to build stuff but are totally lost when it comes to sales, marketing and growth.


  • Developers
  • Craftspeople
  • Technicians

Coaching Goals


  • Product definition and launch plan
  • Customer acquisition and nurtuting
  • Automating processes and tasks

Stuck People

You have an idea, you know how to create the product but you aren’t sure where to begin.


  • Online courses
  • SaaS startups
  • Marketplaces

Coaching Goals


  • Finding the right market and customer
  • Customer research and idea validation
  • Product ideation, design and differentiation

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